Frequently Asked Questions

Below are many frequently asked questions we receive. If, after reading this page, you still have concerns or questions, please feel free to Contact Us. Thank you!


There are many restaurants and pools at Puerto Plata. Do I have access to all of them?

As a guest at Puerto Plata, you have access to over 10 resort restaurants and bars that offer a variety of local and international cuisine. As our guest, you’ll also have access to pools and other fabulous amenities across the resort complex (exclusive of several VIP areas).


Do you take care of all the reservation process?

You send your payment and we will take care of arranging accommodations per your request and arrange complimentary transportation. You make flight arrangements.


When will I receive a confirmation?

Once your reservation is received and payment is made we will forward your confirmation via email. 


What time is check-in and check-out?

  • Check-in time: All accommodations 3:00 pm.
  • Check-out time: 11:30 am.
  • At check-out your wrist bands must be returned, and you will be given a ticket to stay and enjoy the resort until 3:00 pm, at this point tickets must be returned and you must depart from the Resort.


Can I check in early?

Early check-in time is 11:00 am with an extra cost.


Can I stay in my accommodations later than check-out time?

Yes, but upon availability and there is an additional fee. For late check-out information, please address with the concierge at resort.


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, Vacations by DEW accepts most major credit cards.

Once at the resort, American Express, MasterCard and Visa may be used.


Are there any hidden costs?

None, however the all-inclusive fee is payable to the resort at the time of check-in.


What credit cards are accepted by the resort for the All-Inclusive fees?

American Express, MasterCard and Visa.


Do I have to check in or out on any special day?

You can arrive and depart any day of the week. 


How far in advance should I book?

It is advised to book at least three months in advance and for holiday weeks, up to a year in advance. We can always check on availabilities as they are constantly changing.


Does the resort have security?

Yes, there is security at the main gate and throughout the resort.


Is the water safe to drink?

Yes, all water supplied by the resort is safe including ice cubes. The water directly from the faucet is NOT SAFE to drink. All suites and villas are supplied with bottled water.


Are there washer and dryers for use within the resort?

No, but they do have laundry service for a fee.


Are the pools in the villas private?

Yes, all villas have their own private pools.


Do I need to exchange US dollars into Pesos?

No, dollars are accepted everywhere.


Does the resort supply hair dryers and irons?

Yes, all suites and villas have them.


Is there a gym?

Yes, there is a gym for your use. 


Do you get a personal cook for breakfast if you rent a suite?

No, this is for villa rentals only.


Will I receive a golf cart?

Only villas will receive a complimentary golf cart upon availability and therefore are not guaranteed. Please note: it can take up to 48 hours to receive your golf cart depending on the season’s demand. You must have a valid driver’s license to sign for a golf cart – learner permits are not valid! For all other accommodations there is door-to-door shuttle service.


Is there WiFi available?

Yes, there are designated areas throughout the VIP areas. Also, for a fee you can have WiFi access in your accommodations.


Does the resort offer childcare?

Yes, for a fee.


Are pets allowed?



Can I rent a car?

Presently National and Alamo Car Rentals are available at the resort. However, renting is at your own risk and liability. 


Can I park a rented car within the resort?

Yes, villa rentals can park their car right at the villa. All other accommodations have designated areas to park at their location.


Should we tip the staff?

This is a personal preference.


Do I need to bring beach towels?

No, the resort supplies them.


We would like to do excursions is there someone to help us?

Yes, there is a Excursion Office right on the premises.  


Does the resort serve top shelf liquor?

Yes, in all VIP areas.